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                                  Letture Psico-Spirituali dell'Inconscio per l'Evoluzione dell'Anima.

                                  Psycho-Spiritual Readings of the Unconscious on the Soul's Journey.

                                  Lectures Psycho-Spirituelles de l'Inconscient sur le chemin de l'Evolution.*

                                                                               *Les Séminaires se tiendront en plus de l'Anglais et de l'Italien également en Français.

Workshop and Session Testimonials

My session with Jacopo was simply amazing! I wasn't very familiar withastro/tarot/psycho readings at the time but I was simply blown away!Jacopo is not only an extraordinary professional therapist with amazinggifts but also a lovely, smart, intelligent, generous, loving soul. The timeflew by rapidly while I listened carefully and learnt about 'myself' is asurprising accurate way. Jacopo picked up on things that 'I' wasn't even

conscious of until he unfolded deep truths and traits. Most of all he'predicted' something that in that moment sounded 'absurd', but that turnedout to be absolutely true and life transforming within the time he had said.Forever grateful that our paths met in Phuket and with the only regret thathe doesn't live closer :-).

Liana R., South Africa

I had two sessions with Jacopo in Thailand, at Kamalaya.

It was really amazing what he could tell about my life ( things that he could not know at all!) and this brought so much peace into my life, as I have understood that my life is what is meant to be. I also found helpful to have my dreams analysed, and their interpretation and meaning gave me a different outlook on things. After the sessions I had with Jacopo I decided to learn more about myself, work on my dreams and on my inner balance. So I am looking for a Dutch Psychoterapist now ! Thank you, really.

Ellen C., The Netherlands.

I still reflect on the session we had a Kamalaya - your insights were spot on and your advice very helpful - I still refer to it as I navigate this time of transition.

Colman F., Ireland

After having a session with Jacopo (Thailand, Kamalaya resort) I felt more relieved than I thought I would be. I had questions about my life, where to go, what to do next, how to live the at fullest, and how to connect even more with my soul and to get more clearness and peace in all those things.

He told me things he couldn't have known.

And I didnt asked or tell, he knew somehow by reading the symbols of my astrology and tarot or he felt it.

After talking and laughing (sessions are also fun!!) with each other, I found his expertise about the unconscious/ spiritual growth and his analys about me and my life really clarifying,

and this gave me so much relief. He wisely taught me that sometimes there are no awnsers, or searching too much for them won't give you one and that the awnsers will come by themselves if you learn to allow time and listen

to your body and soul more.

Also working on personal balance will solve a lot as well.

Now I am more aware of life. More connected to my spiritual soul. I am having more energy and balance.

I am looking forward to another session or a workshop with Jacopo and becoming even more aware of myself and live life more intensively than I did before. Step by step.

It can always help: just go and see Jacopo. It is good. It WILL bring you something. Life is now.

Anouk M., The Netherlands

En Etè 2017 j’ai rencontré, après une période intense a travailler sur des campagnes politiques présidentielles,

Jacopo Valli at Chiva-Som.

Sa sensibilité, sérieux et son approche ont été pour moi extrêmement salutaires dans une période compliquée de ma vie. Son écoute aussi. Je ne peux que le recommander a quiconque essaye de changer sa vie.

Jacopo au delà des mots comprends mieux que bien le vrai sens des choses loin de la superficialité ambiante.

Dans un monde de plus en plus difficile il m’ a beaucoup aide à trouver sérénité et, oui, du bonheur.

Laurence H., France

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