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                                  Letture Psico-Spirituali dell'Inconscio per l'Evoluzione dell'Anima.

                                  Psycho-Spiritual Readings of the Unconscious on the Soul's Journey.

                                  Lectures Psycho-Spirituelles de l'Inconscient sur le chemin de l'Evolution.*

                                                                               *Les Séminaires se tiendront en plus de l'Anglais et de l'Italien également en Français.

Single Sessions with Gianluca Fante

Beside our workshops consisting of daily sessions on consecutive days, it is possible to request a single session, or a cycle of sessions, to be carried out over an extended period of time and on a weekly basis, in the areas of expertise of the practitioner.

On first meeting, the Shamanic practitioner will make a diagnostic Shamanic journey to understand in which spheres and in what way it will be more appropriate to intervene; only in this way, with the approval of the spirits Allies of the Shamanic practitioner and those of the consultant, can we proceed.

Each session can include one or more shamanic techniques, whose goal is that of promoting the spiritual healing and personal growth of the consultant. These are the techniques.

Session with Power Animal(s). With the sound of his drum, the practitioner will take you through a Shamanic Journey into the Underworld to get to meet your Power Animal(s), who are positive Spirits connected to us and open to accompany us towards healing. These Spirits quite often come in an animal-like shape.

Session with the Spirit Master(s). Through a Shamanic journeys guided by the sound of the Drum or a Tibetan Bell, the Shamanic practitioner will take you to meet your Spirit Masters, benevolent Spirits of the Above World. They are true masters for us, able to illuminate our path with wisdom and awareness. These Spirits quite often appear in human or divine form, they are very positive and powerful Spirits.

Intrusion extraction. The universe always tries to fill in the blanks. Sometimes energies that do not belong to us enter to fill a void left by a physical or psychic trauma (loss of parts of the Soul). The Shamanic practitioner can, with the help of the spirits, set you free from these intrusions to recreate inside of you the space where your wholeness can be welcomed back.

Soul Retrieval. A soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss and help bring inner wholeness. Soul loss can occur if we have experienced a physical, psychic or spiritual trauma causing a inner spiritual soul fragmentation leading to illness.

The Shamanic practitioner, with the help of his and your Spirits Allies, can journeying in the non-ordinary reality seeking lost soul parts that are willing to return from any point in life. Each return will bring back those vital parts and the experience of having essential parts retrieved.

Analysis of the Ancestral Lines and Dissolution of Genealogical Nodes. Beliefs and Destinies that are handed down in our Ancestral Lines influence our lives and our behavior at present. Many times we are driven towards genealogical entanglements (taking charge of the destiny of one of our ancestors) or towards repetitions of events such as illnesses, traumas, accidents or simple hereditary events. With the help of Shamanic and Psycho-genealogical techniques, the practitioner will be able to dissolve these knots by cleaning up their ancestral lines.

Shamanic Dreamwork. Through this experience we will be able to become aware during our dreams, both during nighttime regularly experienced dreams and lucid daytime dreaming. It will thus be possible to understand the messages that are communicated to us by the spirits through our unconscious during the dream itself. This experience usually requires more than one session.

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